8 Oct 2014

What is it about Aegina that we love so much?

Aegina Temple of AphaeaIs it the warm and wild Saronic winds that embrace the island? The inviting inlets and sparkling blue waters of
the island’s volcanic coastline? The fields of pistachios lazily ripening in the Hellenic sun?

Is it the ghosts of the ancient Aegina city-state, which call to you from every monument and hilltop—defiantly staring across the gulf at Athens, as they have for millennia?

Maybe it’s the Venetian elegance that we find so alluring: the refined facades of Old Town under which passersby can easily misplace an afternoon in a café, restaurant or an ouzeri.

Or is it possibly the island’s vibrant nightlife, that pulses throughout the island and into neighboring Agistri.

We love Aegina for all of these reasons. And that’s why DGC is so delighted to have launched our first ever Aegina excavation tour—a full day tour leaving and returning to Athens. The Aegina Excavation Tour offers visitors the opportunity to discover all of the wonderful and unique things about Aegina: its culture, history and beauty. Our guests will go behind the scenes to observe an archaeological dig in progress, tour an ancient temple, savor delicious island cuisine and even spend some quality time on the beach.

We’re excited to show you everything the island has to offer (or, more precisely, everything the island has been offering for thousands of years). Check out our tour page for more information or drop us a line to learn more.

Photo credit: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

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