1 Apr 2015

By Marissa Tejada

Hidden in the flow of the crowds that pack St. Irene Square, Athens’ latest day and night hotspot, I follow my Discover Greek Culture tour guide, a young historian named Sotiris as he weaves through the convivial mass of chattering, drinking and shopping locals (crisis, what crisis!?). I’m excitedly embarking on what promises to be a bespoke cultural experience, eager to find out what constitutes his insider view on art in Athens. However, as we duck out of the vibrant stream of foot traffic and head into a typical modern office building, one I’m sure I’d passed before, the situation doesn’t seem promising. As an Athens-based expat and travel writer I can say I’ve covered my share of art in the city, and of the many archaeological spaces, art museums and galleries I’ve come to recognize, this unmarked building definitely wouldn’t be the first stop.

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A few words about Marissa

marissa-tejada_athensNative New Yorker Marissa Tejada is an author, travel writer and journalist based in Athens, Greece. As an award-winning journalist she contributes to numerous publications specializing in food and wine, technology and travel writing. She’s also the co-writer forFodor’s Greek Islands and Fodor’s Greece.

Marissa loves travelling in Europe and discovering its history and many cultures. In Greece, she has a soft-spot for the whitewashed buildings and clear blue seas of the Cycladic Islands where every corner has the potential for a great shot. Her blog, my Greece, my travels, is her outlet to share her travel experiences and photography from around the country.

Living the expat life in Europe also inspired her to write Chasing Athens which is her debut novel. When she’s not working on her next book, her travel blog or a pending deadline you can find her catching up on her to-be-read pile of novels, attempting to learn another new language or sipping a mocachino in some cozy cafe.

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