23 Sep 2015

For thousands of years, sailors around the Mediterranean have sought refuge in the sheltered coves and harbors surrounding Galaxidi, while overland travelers—many en route to Delphi—have rested their bodies and souls on the sleepy town’s tranquil shores.

Times have changed. Travelers now speed over land and water with ease and efficiency, 365 days a year, rain or shine. And yet Galaxidi remains just as much of a refuge today as it ever has been—an escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

A first time visitor to Galaxidi will be struck by the town’s silence. It’s not an eerie, lifeless silence, mind you. It’s the deeply calming quiet of a village that has been around for millennia, and doesn’t want to be hurried. It’s the ambient orchestra of lapping waves, creaking fishing boats and birds chirping, punctuated by an occasional child playing in one of the many town squares, or a burst of laughter from a small group gathered at a café.

It is the sound of happiness and balance.

One could argue that Galaxidi is a destination for all seasons:

Winter gives visitors access to the nearby Arachova ski resort.

Spring kicks off with the village’s famous alevromoutzouromata festival, in which residents cover their faces with coal and pelt each other with colored flour (it’s fun, trust us).

Summer attracts sun-seeking tourists and Delphi-bound journeyers to the quiet beaches and attractions nearby.

But, for us, the best time to visit is autumn, when the air is crisp and clear, the summer crowds have dispersed and Galaxidi transforms back into a peaceful fishing village. From September through November, visitors can enjoy quiet strolls through narrow, windy streets and panoramic views of fall foliage stretching across the harbor. And when the sun dips below the mountains, the temperature drops and the smell of firewood drifts across the harbor, visitors can step into any local taverna for a glass of wine and a warm, hearty dish prepared in local ingredients and traditional techniques.

This is Greece at its finest, as the tens of thousands of foreign tourists who visit the village each year can attest. Just a few hours in Galaxidi can inspire and rejuvenate—and provide some worldly grounding after exploring the mythical world of Delphi.

Don’t leave this town off your next Hellenic itinerary. And if you’re ready to set out and start exploring, let us show you around.

See you soon!

-The DGC Team

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