31 Aug 2015

Greece is once again in the international headlines after—stop us if you’ve heard this one before—the country’s Prime Minister called for snap elections. But with so many people focused on the political drama gripping the country, less attention is being paid to important matters elsewhere… like tourism.

And that’s probably how one of the most important Greece stories of the year slipped by most everyone’s radar last week. From Kathimerini:

Greek tourism is on course for a new record in 2015 thanks to increased visitor numbers from the US, Germany, Britain and elsewhere.

Yes, that’s right. An estimated 25 million international tourists are expected to visit Greece this year; almost twice the number of visitors that the country registered during 2004, the year that Greece hosted its marvelous Olympics.

Why is this happening? Well, here’s our take:

  • Tourist prices in Greece have declined substantially in the past years, making the country one of the best values in Europe;
  • The quality of tourism products and services has improved dramatically as the tourist market has become more competitive;
  • New tourist offerings that cater to niche markets are drawing in a broader crowd; and
  • Greece’s presence and relevance in the media has made people want to get to know the country better.

That last one is where we come in. Most of our visitors at Discover Greek Culture tell us that Greece has always been on their bucket list, but that the current situation has sparked their curiosity and pushed our country to the top of their agenda. They want to connect with Greece’s living history and to experience its ever-evolving culture, and an in-depth Discover Greek Culture tour is perfect way to do so.

Something wonderful is indeed happening in Greece right now. And we’re delighted to be at the center of it.

Thus, we invite you to come see what 25 millions others will this year, but experience the warmth, hospitality and cultural richness that only DGC guests can.

We’ll see you soon!

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