6 Aug 2015

There is a certain creature that migrates to social media networks every June-August. We call it the “Santorini show-off”. You know exactly who I’m talking about. Every year, without fail, one of your friends on Facebook will return from a trip to Santorini and blast your news feed with dozens of pictures of the world’s best island.

Crystal clear seas.

Brilliant whitewashed buildings.

Sunsets that look surreal.

Infinity pools perched precariously on the edges of cliffs.

A Greek salad with tomatoes so juicy you can almost taste through the screen.

And you’re stuck—maybe sitting at work on a Monday morning—viewing these pictures and getting more and more jealous that you’re not in Santorini yourself. And possibly angry that your friend could be so insensitive as to brag about the paradise trip they got to take, and you didn’t.

So here’s your chance to take revenge. This is your summer to visit Santorini. Thanks to the bailout negotiations throughout July, there are now last minutes vacation deals everywhere—on the island, in Athens, and everywhere else around Greece. In other words, there has never been a better time to take a Greek vacation.

So travel to the island and see its stunning beauty for yourself. Learn about its mythical history and see its most precious ancient antiquities. Fall in love with a local tomato (yes, they’re THAT good). And watch the sun slowly dip into the Aegean from your cliffside perch as you sip a local wine.

When you get back home, smile ear-to-ear, you’ll experience first-hand just how hard it is to NOT share even a small fraction of the hundreds of pictures you took. And you’ll realize right away, that Santorini show-offs are not really showing off at all: they’re just unable to put into words the sublime beauty and magic of the island.

So we don’t judge when you post your photos. Tag us and we’ll even like and share them ourselves.

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