1 Oct 2014

dgc_aeg_dig_lazarides_15Many of our guests are curious about what it is like to go on one of DGC’s exclusive excavation tours in Crete or Aegina. In answering, we thought it would be best to go directly to the source: Sophia Antoniadou, Founder and Chief Archaeologist of Discover Greek Culture.


Q. What skills will guests get to learn on site? 

A. Visitors on excavation tours will be instructed in a wide variety of excavation skills by expert archaeologists, and then get to watch these skills demonstrated on a live dig site. That’s the most exciting part. This is not just a lecture in a classroom but a real archaeological experience.


Q. What type of locations will guests get to visit? Are they active dig sites?

A. Yes! All of Discover Greek Culture’s dig sites are active! These are sites of profound archaeological importance in Greece and throughout the world. Our field archaeologists will explain the greater significance of the site throughout the tour, highlighting key discoveries made there and their broader impact they have had in the field of archaeology.


dgc_aeg_dig_lazarides_68Q. Who else will be on site?

A. The full team of designated archaeologists will be on hand, working hard to excavate and catalog the site. They are a fun and lively group of professionals and are always happy to share their passion and joy with visitors.


Q. Do guests ever get to see archaeological discoveries made? 

A. Archaeologists make discoveries frequently—so the chances are good that you’ll see something of interest unearthed are pretty good. And there will be plenty of artifacts to view on site from earlier excavations. We can’t promise that you’ll stumble upon a jewel filled burial tomb, but we’re sure you’re going to have a good time no matter what!

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