20 Dec 2014

Philippos-TheodoridesWhere are you from? When did you move to Athens?

I was born Cyprus and I moved to Athens 11 years ago.


Describe your art in one sentence

A mixture of painting and drawing, pop, inspired from everyday city life, food and childhood obsessions.


Tell us about your most recent project? Where did you get your inspiration for it?

A series of prints I exhibited in December, inspired by the Greek summer, children’s illustrations and life in Athens.


What is your favorite place to visit in Athens?

I think Aiolou Street, the long pedestrian road that passes outside our studio, and stretches from the very center of Athens to Plaka, and it is full of stores, cafes and restaurants.


What is your favorite part about interacting with guests on DGC?

The interaction is getting more interesting because while talking and answering different questions with the visiting guests, I have the chance to re-examine and re-think, as well as to reflect upon my work from a different perspective.


Philippos welcomes guests to his studios to showcase his work and discuss the contemporary Athenian art scene on the Modern Muses and Athens’ City of Arts tours.

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