27 Jul 2015

It’s been a very, very long month for us Greeks.

On July 5th we were called to vote in a national referendum and then observed as the results of our ‘No’ vote sent ripples through European parliaments and the global economy. Day after day, we’ve been glued to our TVs, watching emergency parliamentary debates in Athens and summits in Brussels unfold (like soap operas, but with less convincing acting, perhaps). Then the banks closed and capital controls were instated.

Needless to say, it was a lot of action and drama, in just a few weeks (although the millions of foreign tourists visiting the country this month were largely unaffected by any of it).

But now, that drama is over (we expected that it would be). Greece has a rescue plan, banks are back open and it’s business as usual for tourists and businesses throughout the country.

If you’re considering a trip to Greece, here’s why that matters:

Because many businesses are keen to make up on slower bookings from Greeks this summer (many Greek families postponed their plans or changed their itineraries to visit family), many of them are offering steep discounts to fill up the extra capacity. And with the chance that recently passed tax rises will increase holiday room and board starting next year, this might be the cheapest summer this decade to visit Greece—and the absolute last time to get such amazing deals.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve ever wanted to visit Greece, now is the time! And when you’re here, drop us a line, and let us help show you around or even just give you some friendly advice through our facebook page.

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