12 May 2015

By Rebecca Hall

As it was raining so hard, and as we’re pretty familiar with Athens, Sotiris kindly kept our walking tour brief, but also interesting.  I didn’t know – for example – that Athens received its name after a competition the Goddess Athena had with Poseidon, over who would protect the city.

We then found ourselves being taken into the dark back streets of Plaka.  Far from being afraid – it was with intrigue that we entered Tripodon Street, the oldest city street in Europe that has retained its name for over 2,500 years!  This street boasts many private mansions and is right under the Acropolis. 

Stopping outside one, Sotiris rang on the bell. Here we are! And our host opened his door and invited us into his 19th century neoclassical home.  We were led into the dining room to settle in, drink wine, eat Greek cheese – but as we entered, we let out a collective gasp.  

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A few words about Rebecca

rebecca-hallA travel blogger, writer and Rough Guide author, Rebecca started her blog back in 2010 after living in Greece for two years where she taught English. Life Beyond Borders better reflects the travels she has undertaken and want to share with us. From trips across Canada by rail to the polar bear capital of the world, across the U.S.A in a Green Tortoise bus and even from Europe to Hong Kong on a container ship, you’ll find stories on her blog about her varied worldwide adventures. Having fallen in love with the culture, language, sights and smells of the Hellenic world, Rebecca wanted to share her experiences and she writes about the cultural differences she has observed, the beautiful places she has visited and the people who have let her into their homes and hearts. At the same time, she is working on her first novel.

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