10 Feb 2015

Where are you from? When did you move to Athens?

I was born and raised in Athens. I lived in Canada for more than a decade, but I was unable to resist the charm of my native city, so I came back.


Describe your academic focus in one sentence.

My academic focus is maritime history, with elements of modern European and Economic History.


What’s the most surprising fact about your field of expertise?

It is all-pervading. Very few human activities are truly independent from the sea, therefore maritime history is a broad, unexplored and exciting area of academic research.


Tell us about your most recent project? Where did you get your inspiration for it?

I am currently preparing an exhibition on Ottoman Athens, using paintings and prints from the collection of the Museum of the City of Athens, in collaboration with the Gennadeios Library. The general public is quite unfamiliar with Ottoman Athens, it is therefore fascinating to try and illustrate four centuries of history through works of art.


Describe your professional mission in one sentence.

Bring the Past to life.


What is your favorite place to visit in Athens?

I like places where the human touch is most obvious. The Roman Agora ranks pretty high on my list, with the Roman latrines, the Tower of the Winds, the mosque sitting atop a ruined Byzantine church, the different building-materials used for the colonnade, the overall feeling that people spent a large part of their lives in this area through countless centuries. They traded, worshiped, gossiped, and debated while empires rose and fell around them. The human scale and the picturesque location, make this a must-see corner of Athens.


What is your favorite part about interacting with guests on DGC?

It is always exciting trying to make people see the city or the exhibits through your perspective. It is almost like an artistic performance, where you get to talk about something you deeply care about and, hopefully, inform and entertain.


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