19 Oct 2015

We Greeks like to brag about the 2,000+ islands that are scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas. After all, their beauty is only surpassed by their culture and history – making for a holiday destination that truly offers the “full package”.

We like to tout that our islands are the best in the world, but there’s always been an air of subjectivity to the claims. After all, who’s to say that our islands are more beautiful than tropical islands in Fiji, for example? Who’s to say that Greek islands offer more cultural activities than exotic getaways in the Caribbean or the famed spice island of Zanzibar?

Well, you say.

Last month, Conde Nast Traveller published the results of its 2015 Readers’ Travel Awards and the Greek Islands were named the best islands in the world to visit, edging out some of the world’s most desirable destinations like The Maldives, Hawaii and Bali.

What’s most important is that this award was not conferred by magazine editors, writing in some office in London or New York. Rather, the award is the recognition of tens of thousands of travelers who have been there, done that, and longed to return. It’s a seal of approval by those who were inspired and enamored by their Hellenic adventure.

Of course, this is not the first time in recent months that Conde Nast Traveller has singled out Greece. Just a few months ago, the magazine published another article declaring that travelers should take advantage of historically low prices in Greece at the moment and visit the country. And if that wasn’t enough, the magazine then upped the pressure to visit by publishing a mouthwatering “Delicious Dishes on the Greek Islands” guide (warning: don’t read on an empty stomach).

So if you, too, are seeking the unparalleled beauty of the Greek Islands, let us show you what truly sets these islands apart: their culture. Join us for one of our island tours and prepare to be amazed.

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