6 Sep 2014

The city of Athens is an expansive collection of neighborhoods that stretches from the beautiful coastline of the southern suburbs to the pristine wooded hills of the north. And the magic of Greece’s capital city is that visitors can find incredible sites, sounds and stories everywhere in between.

But how can a visitor take in all that Athens has to offer in just a few days? Well, just ask Leif and Marita Brandel, a visiting couple who joined Discover Greek Culture on a two-day journey across the city’s most awe-inspiring locations.

Leif and Marita Brandel with field expert Konstantina Pavlikaki, at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion

“We knew we wanted to see a more authentic side of Athens—one that was off the tourist trail but still conveyed the history and the beauty of the local culture,” says Leif. “Discover Greek Culture took us on an immersive, informative and, most important, fun tour of the city. By the end of the two days, we felt like we could carry part of Greek culture back home with us.”

The Brandels began their experience with DGC’s Classical Athens, Classically Greek tour. Accompanied by field expert Konstantina Pavlikaki, the couple learned about the city’s archaeological history in the Acropolis museum, before climbing the hill to explore Greece’s most famous landmark for themselves. Along the way, they were treated to Greek snacks and delicacies. In the afternoon, the group headed to Cape Sounion to enjoy the sunset at the Temple of Poseidon, before enjoying a traditional meal on the beach.

“It was an inspiring end to an inspiring day,” recalls Marita. “And the food was incredible.”


The Brandels explore the National Garden, once the private Gardens of Queen Amalia, with guest host Stavroula Katsogianni.

The next day, the Brandels were back out on the trail for DGC’s Neoclassical Athens tour. Joined by guest host Stavroula Katsogianni, the group did a deep-dive into often-overlooked 19th Century Greece. Their explorations began at the National Garden, which were originally commissioned by Queen Amalia, the first queen of Greece, as her royal gardens. After a short coffee break, the group toured at Iliou Melathron, once considered the most magnificent private residence in the capital and currently home to the Numismatic Museum of Athens.

The group concluded their two-day visit to the city, appropriately, with the former home of Greece’s Royal Family, now serving as the Museum of the City of Athens (Vouros–Eutaxias Foundation).

“I learned so much about Greece and Greek culture over these past two days; I’ve taken away more knowledge and memories than I ever have from any similar tour,” said Leif. “I would definitely recommend DGC to anyone who wants to truly understand and experience Greek culture. We’ll be back!”


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