6 May 2015

dgc_ath_tea_dolly-boucoyannis_01Where are you from?

I was born in Athens.


How would you describe your artwork?

Nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, along with traditional Greek elements, enhanced by the knowledge that I acquired from my travels all around the world, have always determined my artwork. Throughout the years I have been keen in creating modern jewelry with the use of ancient techniques such as granulation, filigree and chain weaving.

My core aspiration has been to create personalized and timeless jewelry, handmade with an unexpected and subversive combination of carefully chosen materials, free from value restrictions.


What has been the most influential factor to your artwork?

My short stay in New York in 1982, when I was studying Gemology was probably most influential to my artwork. Cultures, colors, knowledge, daring, tasting, enjoying…


Tell us about your most recent project? Where did you get your inspiration for it?

For my most recent project I got inspired from a brooch I bought in 1979 in Marche au Puces and it is about Universal traditions and beliefs regarding cicadas. Countries around the world have created several myths for cicadas. For instance, according to the Chinese tradition, cicadas’ singing was considered to be grantor of good luck. In France, it appears to represent a good luck charm. In ancient Greece, there are many references about cicadas. One of them is that as cicadas were “born” from the earth, Athenians considered them to be a symbol of their autochthony.


What is your favorite place to visit in Athens?

I always prefer the historical center, because it is one of the most vivid places, as well as the core of many cultural venues. Although it is a very familiar place, somehow, there is always something new to discover, and that is very exciting.


What is your favorite part about interacting with guests on DGC?

I am a strong believer that knowledge should be shared. If it is distributed by the right people to the right audience, the most positive results can come up. What excites me more about Discover Greek Culture guests, is the way their interest rapidly increases to the information they are receiving, and our meetings not only are interactive, but they also become creative for both parties.


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