21 Jun 2017

With some of the most recognizable landscapes and views in the world, a rich and intriguing history that goes back millennia, and a gastronomic heritage full of uniquely flavorful wine and produce, Santorini is an island that has it all—no wonder it regularly features on lists of the world’s best islands!

The jewel in the crown of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a perfect destination, with something for everyone—and then some. It’s an ideal destination for romantics, couples, and newlyweds, who are enchanted by its picturesque villages, idyllic views, and glorious sunsets over the caldera. History buffs come for the island’s rich heritage and fascinating past, particularly the Minoan settlement of Akrotiri—which was inhabited as early as the 5th millennium BCE—but also the island’s fascinating Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman heritage. Foodies enjoy Santorini’s cuisine and wine, with its superbly rich flavors and aromas of local produce that result from the island’s distinctive ecology, arid climate, and volcanic soil. And everyone enjoys the magical, otherworldly beaches, with stunning black sands and red cliffs and the Aegean’s azure waters.

Often called ‘heaven on earth’ and ‘best island in the world’, Santorini rightfully deserves its place on everyone’s bucket list. One of the top destinations in Greece, this magnificent volcanic island boasts a wealth of fantastic cultural, archaeological and historical sites scattered throughout it, and we’ve created not one but three fantastic tours of the island to help make the most of your visit.

The Time-Honored Treasures of Santorini is an ideal way to begin exploring the island’s heritage and culture. In fact, it combines some of our favorite things, starting with history and cultural heritage and ending with wine and gastronomy. The tour includes guided tours of the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the magnificent Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, as well as a visit to a real family farm, where you’ll get the opportunity to indulge in some of the Mediterranean’s finest produce, freshly picked fruit and vegetables and unique local delicacies—and, of course, sample some of Santorini’s world-famous wines.

With the sun shining and the weather getting warmer, now’s the best time of year to explore the Greek islands, and the jewel of the Aegean—Santorini! Have a look at our website for more information on our tours in Santorini and in other top Greek destinations, and get ready to treat yourself to a unique and fabulous cultural experience on the island.

Traditional cheese and olives as offerings during the cultural tour in Santorini, Greece
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