The Time-Honored Treasures of Santorini

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Traditional house in Santorini island, Greece

There is something truly magical about Santorini. Maybe it’s the dramatic landscape of jagged hills that plunge into the bright blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Maybe it’s the villages of whitewashed houses and churches, perched precariously on the edge of the island’s tall cliffs. Maybe it’s the cuisine, known to be one of the finest in Greece. Or maybe it’s the island’s history, which goes back as far as recorded history can go.

Our Time-Honored Treasures of Santorini half-day tour explores the Santorini’s classical age and introduces visitors to the island’s unique characteristics that have attracted and inspired humanity for millennia.

Sneek peak at the tour at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Santorini, Greece

Take a guided tour of the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and trace the emergence of Santorini’s unique culture and unparalleled forms of artistic expression.

View of the exhibits seen at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Santorini, Greece
Interior of a traditional house in Santorini island, Greece

Get a taste of real local hospitality at a local family farm and sample a selection of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, as well as local wines straight from the barrel.

One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, the one in Akrotiri in Santorini island

Wander around the Akrotiri settlement, once the most prominent port of the Aegean, to explore the ancient settlement and discover its beautiful architecture and artifacts.

I spent time on a Time–Honored Treasures of Santorini trip with this company. My guide was Marianne and I was the sole sightseer! Marianne is an archaeologist and, through my visit to the museum in Thera followed by a tour of the ancient site of Akrotiri, life during those times was made vibrant by what I saw and by Marianne’s knowledgable commentary. There was much that I learnt about this incredible island and it’s past. The tour ended with some sampling of local wines and products at the Faros Market shop near Akrotiri – a delightful experience. As a gardener I appreciated being given some seeds of the famous Santorini cherry tomatoes and I will attempt to cultivate them! I would recommend this tour to any discerning traveller keen on ancient history and remarkable sites..

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The Time-Honored Treasures of Santorini

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