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Art & Empire

The Magic and Opulence of 19th Century Corfu

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Art and Empire invites you to explore Corfu, an island long favored by European royals and aristocrats. Over the years a distinctive flair and elegance have imbued Corfu unlike any other  destination in the Mediterranean. With visits to some of Corfu’s most iconic architectural monuments and a walk along its renowned esplanade, you’ll get a chance to admire exquisite examples of Regency and Romanticism style architecture. This tour also gives you exclusive access to rare museum collections not normally on public display.

From the First French Empire to the Greek Royal Family and from classical antiquity to Asian art, this half-day tour gives you the opportunity to discover the history, art and architectural treasures of this most magnificent Ionian island and gives you the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive private viewing of rare historical artifacts.

Tour Highlights:

Visit Mon Repos, the summer palace nestled amidst the lush forest of Paleopolis park, and tour the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis and the park grounds, which are home to numerous ancient monuments and remarkable flora.

Head across town to the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, home to a succession of British Lord High Commissioners of the Ionian Islands, the Ionian Senate and the Order of St. Michael and St. George—and, on occasion, the Greek Royal Family.

Take a private guided tour of the Museum of Asian Art (housed in the Palace), which boasts a remarkable collection of over 15,000 artifacts from Asia and the Orient. Admire the stunning artworks and discover the Art of Gandhara, the unique interplay of Asian and Ancient Greek art from the time when Alexander the Great’s empire stretched as far as the Indus River.

Enjoy exclusive private viewing of rare artifacts that are not on public display with a bespoke tour of the Ionian State Room.

Stroll down the Spianada, the island’s renowned esplanade, and take a break for coffee and a treat at the Liston.

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Art & Empire

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